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Marketing A recent report brought forward that due to increasing demand for virtual assistants many .panies are outsourcing the expats at half the price than a in-house employee would cost. And this is obvious. .panies are reducing the rate of the virtual assistants to make their hold in the .petitive market. But this for sure, does not mean that the quality of the Virtual assistants has been .promised. These .panies are pushing hard to bring together all the benefits of nearshoring with extra advantage of working with the highly qualified virtual assistants who have the same accent and understanding. Millions of qualified people choose to settle in U.S, UK, AUSTRALIA and AFRICA and for this reason .panies have linked the expats of various fields like administrative assistants, virtual receptionist and virtual secretary with business in different countries. On the one hand where the expats enjoy the benefits of furthering their careers with good in.e, the .panies hiring them, on the other hand, pay just the half amount of what they could have paid to the in-house Virtual assistant. Outsourcing for the virtual staff to other countries can help different .panies save at least 50% of the staff expenses while still retaining a high quality of service. A virtual office assistant in U.S, UK, AUSTRALIA and AFRICA can cost a .pany $35,000 in base salary expenses and up to $65,000 once you factor in office space, payroll taxes, .puter equipment and supplies. But employing a highly qualified expat in India is only around $27,000. And no doubt its a huge cost saving for any business This outsourcing has been made possible by the innovative approach to technology that is utilized by the .panies to enable their virtual assistant to work efficiently. The softwares like file sharing software and tele.munication software enable them to start work and make and receive phone calls on behalf of the business located in different countries. The versatility and the unlimited capacity of virtual expat office staff have enabled the business owners to have a world full of people at their fingertips; all connected together via technology. This has given the business owners to have the ability to expand their vision without expanding the cost. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: