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News-and-Society Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, founded in 1996 by Dr. Ignatius Piazza, is changing the way people in the United States view guns. We’ve all seen it: the bad guy firing away at the good guy, lots of noise, bullets flying all over. In most adventures or thrillers, there’s little in the way of care of the weapons, or even aiming. Guns only show up in movies if they’re going to be used, not as part of life or as a useful tool. And families have no part in this, but usually only show up as the victims. As one graduate of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute pointed out, watching Rambo or the Terminator is a bad way to learn about firearms! Dr. Ignatius Piazza started Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in response to a life challenge of his own, a drive-by shooting in 1988. He was a responsible gun owner and had already been pretty good with a gun, but when reality hit him in the face, he realized that, in truth, he didn’t really have the skills to use his firearms in the defense of himself or his family. He spent years after his wakeup call learning from the masters how to properly use his weapons, to the point of earning the Four Weapons Combat Master certificate. And along the way, he developed the goal of providing world-class gun and self-defense training to every American. As a result, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has training designed for personal and family defense, for various ages, skill levels, and even in unarmed defense. Women, especially, are often uncertain, or even afraid to use a firearm. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute training handles this worry with knowledge and skill. Women of all ages leave Front Sight with the certainty that in a confrontational situation they will have the skill they need for their own protection and that of those they love. And this is the main goal and biggest result of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute: confidence. Even children as young as five years old can learn how to see their environment with more confidence from the training they can get at Front Sight. They learn to recognize "tricky" people (Front Sight’s way of labeling child predators so that young kids will understand), without being paranoid about "strangers." Teens can learn what they need to know to stay safe in the Internet age, as well as how to handle themselves in violent situations. The testimonials tell the story: "Fear of guns is your lack of knowledge of them." " You will know how to defend yourself and those you love." "Front Sight is safe, thorough, and by the numbers. You’ll walk away with skills to keep you alive." Personal safety and confidence are the goals set by Dr. Ignatius Piazza after his experience. Providing those skills to America is what Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is all about. Guns are part of our environment, and Dr. Piazza and Front Sight are setting the standard for understanding and using them responsibly and competently. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: