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SEO An unmatched way to construct one-way backlinks to your site is to hold contests for it. That’s correct; there are websites that have contests in order to attract other bloggers who will post anchor text links on their blogs. Believe it or not; there are websites that set up contests so they can attract other bloggers who will post anchor text links on their blogs. The lucky winner can receive any type of prize you feel like giving away. Principally, it’s up to you to decide which technique will work for you. Contests give you an opportunity to take control of the anchor link and allow you to choose what text goes in it. On the other hand, possessing an overabundance of backlinks with the same keywords may do more bad than good because the search engines might consider is as link spam. To be uniform, make sure to put a limit on the number of contestants. Just keep it on the down low and scatter your links with a variety of keywords. Here’s a little know secret for link building – provide your professional expertise in exchange for backlinks . If you already have the know-how of a skill such as SEO, web designing, writing, logo creation, etc, then you already have the necessary means to make something of yourself with this procedure. After discovering your skill set, the following thing you should do is get a hold of well-established sites directly and provide with an offer from your end. Explain to them how you can make their site better and in return all you want is some a credit backlink on their page. This is a way to literally pave your way to quality branding, most definitely if a site that already has a decent audience takes you up on your offer. It is a fact that you can also leverage blogs into your niche markets. No, this is not about .menting on their posts but it’s more about writing guest posts for them, so that they link back to you. What you’re doing here is adding value to their blog and all you’re asking is a credit back to your website. Those sites with the highest ranking should be your targets so do this often for the best benefit. Is it really that easy and how do I get started you ask? It is simple to find blogs looking for guests to post. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to find these blogs. These sites will soon begin to regard you as an authority and probably invite you back. Even though writing a guest post requires work, on the long run it can give you some really positive results. So backlink building may seem like a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth the effort. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: