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The British Prime Minister called for a joint response to the global control of border immigration "out of control" – Sohu, British Prime Minister Teresa in the news? Mei to national leaders spoke to refugees and called for economic purposes to his country should make the definition more careful. Beijing, September (Xinhua)   20, according to foreign media reports, British Prime Minister Teresa Mei said, control and manage the border is the bounden duty and rights of every country. She called for the launch of a global crackdown on runaway immigration. It is reported that Teresa Mei at the United Nations Summit held in New York, pointed out that the unprecedented large number of economic migrants make immigration crisis increasingly deteriorating". She urged a change of tactics and said refugees should apply for asylum in the first safe country they arrived. The UN data show that the global number of displaced because of the war led to a record high, estimated by the end of 2015, there are 65 million 300 thousand people around the world are applied for asylum, refugees, or lost in the domestic home. This figure has increased by 5 million over last year. The summit of refugees and immigrants held in the United Nations aims to achieve a more humane and coordinated response to the entry point". Teresa, the prime minister, called on leaders to make a more precise definition of refugees and people who travel to other countries for economic reasons. She said: the legal security of the legitimate immigrants will benefit the economy, towards a better life itself is understandable. However, she noted that the current problem is "immigration out of control". This not only with immigration and immigration will accept different countries, will not let the immigrants in the country to receive public support. "One thing we must be clear about is that any country has the right to control its borders and protect its citizens," she said. At the same time, countries have the responsibility to manage their respective borders in order to reduce the influx of illegal and uncontrolled immigration." She argued that refugees should apply for asylum in the country where they were first seen as safe, and that the current trend of continued migration of refugees will not only increase the security risks, but also allow the crime syndicates to benefit.相关的主题文章: