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Many people take the artisan spirit vulgarization in time now, China advocated the artisan spirit, even artisan spirit has become a national issue, is based on the background of the two, one is Chinese manufacturing need to upgrade, the two is China consumption upgrading. First of all, the Chinese manufacturing must be upgraded, it must get rid of the previous use of the demographic dividend of labor-intensive, low value-added low-end processing. From the "China processing" to Chinese manufacturing, to create Chinese, realize the reborn transformation, can not go mass production, the added value of the path of economic development is low, not the reproduction of low-end products, leaking crude and careless, must rely on the artisan spirit, product quality, user experience design, excellence, achieve the shift China manufacturing upgrade. Secondly, China’s consumption is upgrading. With the Chinese expansion of the middle class, Chinese consumers put forward more consumption upgrade requirements, diversification requirements, no longer satisfied before mass production, low quality standard "daluhuo", hope to be able to meet their individual needs. Therefore, it is necessary to have the spirit of craftsmen, product quality, design, function to enhance the overall response to the needs of Chinese consumers personalized, diversity. Hot before the Japanese toilet cover is a symbol of China’s consumption upgrade products. In short, the Chinese manufacturing upgrade, consumption upgrade is the spirit of craftsman premise. And now, in the public opinion platform, a lot of time, artisan spirit is separated from the background of the advanced manufacturing industry, not to talk about work, only talk about". Results most of the time, the artisan spirit was interpreted as "handmade", anti industrialization, some backward production technology, and three products, black workshop, actually suddenly began to flaunt their "artisan spirit", even "ancestral film" the low-end industry is also put up the "artisan spirit" sheep. Yes, artisan spirit was written in March this year, the two sessions of the government work report. However, the government work report in the end is how to say? – "to encourage enterprises to carry out personalized customization, flexible production, cultivate the spirit of excellence, increase the variety, quality, brand". Obviously, the "carrier artisan spirit" is the enterprise; the artisan spirit is to meet consumer demand, customized personalized upgrade, and its context is: "China manufacturing", the production process, the user experience of the overall progress, rather than rivals, small Fang degradation industry. So, do not use "craftsman spirit" vulgar, all engaged in manual labor are called "artisan spirit", and even the low-end of the handicraft industry, small workshops are said to be "artisan spirit", otherwise, only with the modern advanced manufacturing industry based on the State advocates, "craftsman’s spirit".相关的主题文章: