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The Paris Auto Show debut   Bentley down W12  S official map, car — September 10 Beijing Xinhua (Tu Qinhan) recently, Bentley officially released by W12 S models, the car in appearance and power compared with the current model has slight adjustment. It is reported that the car will be officially released at the opening of the Paris auto show in September. The design of W12 S models, were basically a continuation of the current model design, but made some adjustments in details, including the treatment group headlamps, taillights and grille, wheel rim, outer rearview mirror with blackened. The new car is also marked with a special W12 S logo, highlighting its identity. New car interior and appearance in order to echo, but also increased a lot of black. Including the central control panel and seat are black material, supplemented by orange stripes. At the same time the appearance of the W12 S special logo, also appeared in the interior part. It is understood that Bentley power, W12 S power compared to cash models by speeding W12 models improved. Maximum power boost 10Ps, while maximum torque increased by 20Nm. Of course, the car is still equipped with 6.0T W12 engine, maximum power 635Ps, peak torque 820Nm. Transmission, matching with the engine continues to be 8 speed automatic transmission. Official said, the new car 0-100km h acceleration time of 4.5 seconds, maximum speed will reach 325km H. Comment: the new car in the appearance of the details added a lot of blackened more movement than the current model, the power also has slightly improved. The car will be released at the Paris auto show in the future, we will continue to focus on. (Qin Han, Tu: commissioning editor Dou Ming)相关的主题文章: