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Wuhan Garden Expo is a spectacular array of mushroom experts remind: may be toxic to several rain after the Expo Garden of Wuhan grassland appeared on a spectacular "mushroom", let the past visitors amazed. Initially identified by experts, this mushroom may be toxic, please do not eat the public and tourists. Yesterday, the Wuhan evening news reporter saw at the Wuhan Garden Expo on the eastern side of the foot of the hill, in the green grass near the road on the growth of a large white mushroom, a rough count, there are three hundred or four hundred roses. This mushroom is shaped like an umbrella, cap surface with light brown scales, gills abaxially white, stipe about a finger length, visible ring. Into a piece of white mushroom and green grass growing side by side, form a beautiful scenery garden expo. However, these beautiful mushrooms also let park management worried. A staff member said, because they do not know what is this mushroom, is not toxic, fear of accidents of citizens and tourists mistakenly taken after eating. The same day, the reporter will mushroom pictures sent to Sina micro-blog for help, Guangdong city of Chenghai province mycology enthusiasts @ catch the last person, this mushroom should be green courtyard fold umbrella, there is no record of the toxicity data. But he thought, "this genus of mushrooms is not safe". Reporters on the Internet to search the courtyard green pleated umbrella information, found that very few. But the next of kin, summer and autumn in the forest or forest edge grassland Qunsheng or scattered chlorophyllum molybdites (also known as Morgan umbrella), is a kind of liver containing toxins, neurotoxin, gastrointestinal toxins and hemolytic toxin of four kinds of poisonous mushrooms, after eating can cause multiple organ failure, the country has occurred the mushroom poisoning, and the mortality rate is very high. Yesterday, the Huazhong Agricultural University mushroom expert Professor silver side in an interview with reporters, said the identification of mushroom species and toxicity is very professional, need to be accurately identified through scientific experiments. However, preliminary judgment through the picture, the Park Bo Park mushroom growth may be toxic. He suggested that the public and tourists do not know, do not understand the wild mushrooms do not eat, so as not to cause poisoning. He also suggested that the zoo with a warning rope will mushroom array around, and put up warning signs to remind everyone: wild mushrooms, do not eat. Related to the magic of the video mushrooms like animal viscera possession of toxic but healthy and delicious attention to the big Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), to give you interesting, useful information, as well as gifts sent every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: