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"Good voice" exposure to new Chinese Trailer rock porcupine virtuoso – All Star Entertainment Sohu and animation dubbing a large photo of all primary players waiting for the results published on the stage and luminous squid drill bole effect [Click to enter the HD Photo] entertainment news have teamed up to create "Sohu", "yellow people thief daddy adorable", "big eyes pet big secret" and other hit animation Universal Pictures and lighting entertainment will be on Christmas day schedule in North America launched a new masterpiece "happy voice". Today, the film side issued a new Chinese notice, each character will be a gorgeous debut, the animal kingdom "good voice" interpretation of great momentum. At the same time, the story behind the protagonist also surfaced, the story of the development of great expectations. This movie is a "Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Milky Way" director Garth Jennings and screenwriter director "," big "despicable me pet secrets" behind the team building. The film tells the story of a man named April horses in order to restore the koala father left the theatre the glorious past, held a large singing competition attracted a large number of hitherto unknown, the role of attending. The new trailer exposure difficulties and troubles faced by the players in the process of preparing for the game: the gorilla Jonny reluctant to follow family Gang career, eager to be on their own music; the mother pig Lucy was busy taking care of family chores, 25 little pigs and placed a dream; the desire to control rock girl AI has been want to get rid of her boyfriend and partner, looking for opportunities to express themselves; and have the Teana voice baby Mina, but it is still difficult to overcome stage fright. The hilarious warm heart and humorous narrative style, the animated movie bring laughter to the audience than on an emotional level, but also triggered a strong response from the audience of different background role, how they look through a brilliant singing contest, in the face of setbacks and difficulties, the pressure, the courage to realize their dreams. Bole is the protagonist of the film on one line is lit for many roles of life: "don’t let fear stop you from doing what you love!" It is understood that the "good voice" rally in Hollywood There was no parallel in history. a large number of first tier coffee, with top voice cast, called the Hollywood palace level visual feast. Oscar winner Matthew – Mcconaughey, "black widow" Scarlett – Johnson, Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon, "ace agent" in "little meat, Grammy Talonguard – Egerton Award nominated singer Joe Kelly and the famous actor Seth Macfarlane, John -C- Riley for the film portrait vocals. A large number of popular songs in the film there will be another major part of this animated film. It is reported, including Lady Gaga, Taylor Romance "Bad" Swift "Shake It Off" Katy, Perry "Firework" Beyonce, "Crazy in love", Sam Smith "Stay with me" and so on more than 65 popular songs will throughout the film, and by you personally sing coffee. This is a fusion of comedy, music and other elements, and convey the temperature.相关的主题文章: