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The 2016 academic annual meeting of public security science and Technology Institute of science and technology held in Beijing — people.com.cn 11, 2016 academic annual meeting of public security science and Technology Association Conference held in Beijing, sponsored by the society, the public security science and Technology Research Institute of Tsinghua University, public security and armed police general hospital. The theme of this annual meeting is to improve the public security system and build a safe and secure society". The meeting lasted two days, the opening ceremony at the opening of the morning of 11, 9. Vice chairman of the Association for science and technology, China China academician Zhou Shouwei and the state emergency management team leader Shan Chunchang speech, pointed out that China is in the public security incident prone, prone, prone period, the maintenance of public security is important and difficult task, a long way to go, improve the public security system, strengthening emergency management is important part of the national governance system and governance capacity modernization, science and technology innovation as a key factor in promoting China’s economic and social development as well as to enhance China’s comprehensive national strength and international competitiveness, should give full play to the innovation of science and technology to improve the public security system in the supporting and leading role, strengthen safety construction, strengthen the toughness and basic work public security, accelerate scientific and technical personnel and scientific research infrastructure construction, build a standardized public security emergency equipment We hope that the convening of the annual meeting will further promote academic sharing and cooperation, and make greater contributions to the development of public security in china. Secretary General of the Institute, Tsinghua University, Professor Shen Shifei Institute of public safety presided over the opening ceremony. The first day of the links in the theme of the report, from the State Administration of work safety, Tsinghua University Institute of public security, the Armed Police General Hospital, Chinese Meteorological Science Research Institute, Beijing Institute of science and technology, Chinese offshore oil company, ZTE and other units as well as the United States, Britain, Japan, Holland, Australia, Israel and other countries research institutions experts scholars on risk assessment and control, monitoring and forecasting and early warning, disaster relief, medical science and personal protection and emergency equipment and other related fields of the new progress, new technologies and new ideas to explore made a wonderful speech. The second day of the conference set up six branch field, from the aspects of colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, government departments, enterprises and non-governmental organizations, more than 500 members of the delegates will be grouped field reporting results, exchange of experience, to promote innovation. During the meeting, also held the first meeting of the fourth council of public security science and technology council. Public security science and Technology Institute of Tsinghua University (Public Security Institute) was founded in August 2012, is sponsored by China engaged in public security related scientific and technological research, discipline construction, personnel training, management science and technology workers and units to voluntarily form, and shall be registered according to law, the establishment of a national academic, non-profit organizations, business executives the unit for the Ministry of education. Chinese Academy of engineering, Professor Fan Weicheng, President of the Institute of public safety, Tsinghua University served as chairman. Since its inception, has been committed to promoting the society public security system theories and methods to establish and promote the public safety and academic information exchange, based on the domestic and international hot spots, public safety problems, many organizations of academic research, the majority of experts for public safety in the field of Science)相关的主题文章: