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Post information display NVIDIA chip return to Apple Mac computer Tencent Francisco September 24th, was kicked out of Apple graphics chip maker NVIDIA cooperation network (Nvidia) of the company now resumed cooperation with apple. NVIDIA recently released position information display, the company has with the world’s most expensive technology companies to establish a better cooperation. Currently, apple Mac computer graphics chips used mainly by AMD. NVIDIA has now become the leading manufacturer of high-end graphics chip industry to use in the game but the company’s chips are very long time does not appear in the generations of apple computer. NVIDIA claims in the recently released a software engineer recruitment advertisement, the successful candidate will help Apple products to produce the next generation of revolutionary". This post will require the candidate to be able to cooperate with apple and the ability to write and Mac computer graphics software related to define the future pattern of the program. Currently, Nvidia Corp’s database, there are three positions related to apple, the latest post appeared last week. Software development business these three positions are all related with the apple Mac computer, and one specific mention of NVIDIA’s Mac graphics driver team, which means that NVIDIA chipset returned to Apple computer products. At present, NVIDIA and apple did not comment on this news. With the computer more and more tasks performed by the user, such as the need for more rapid processing of 3D graphics editing, therefore, NVIDIA graphics chip and AMD company is more and more important. At the same time, virtual reality business also requires high-quality graphics processing, and artificial intelligence services (such as computer visualization and voice recognition, etc.) can also benefit from these companies the latest chip. Most of Apple’s computers rely on low power graphics capabilities, most of which are integrated into Intel processors. Graphics chips can provide better performance, but these chips are usually used as an alternative to Apple’s computer. There is no doubt that NVIDIA graphics chip can return to Apple computer, will help to consolidate the dominant position in the picture NVIDIA chip in the field. Although NVIDIA still has the largest market share in the market, but the new chip from AMD company is constantly to obtain computer manufacturers orders, to seize the market Nvidia Corp. (compile Jin Quan) Wall Street gave NVIDIA nearly 20 times the valuation of Tencent technology known institutions account opening! Do you dare to flop, I dare to answer in the know you.相关的主题文章: