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Poverty caused by suicide today still need to pay attention to this is a cruel family tragedy. In August 26th, Gansu County town of King Kangle, Gu Shan Cun master Bay Club occurred in the death of 28 year old poor households Yang 4 children will change orchid with an axe (including a set of twins) chopped, pesticides Dutch Act 4 children, died 8 days later, her husband also serving pesticide Dutch act. Recently, Kangle county official informed of the incident, initially identified as a serious criminal cases, and made the relevant issues raised by the outside world. What is the motive behind a mother who cuts her own child and commits suicide? This is undoubtedly one of the most concerned about the outside world. Public opinion analysis provides a number of possibilities, the most attention is undoubtedly the economic situation of the family. A few details are worth noting, for example, media reports quoted the villagers mentioned that, the tragedy of suspected and Yang low was cancelled; the photos also showed, Yang leaned against the mountain, living in a courtyard of the adobe, Adobe houses dilapidated appearance. In addition, public opinion was also spread children did not go to school, no new clothes. These details point to the conclusion that the family economy is extremely poor. Economic poverty leads to family tragedy, which seems to be the most appropriate explanation so far. The facts, the official response that Yang from 2010 was included in the three categories of rural subsistence allowances, since 2014, the per capita net income of rural residents was higher than the standard, the official verification of households of rural residents. Arguably, whether meet the minimum qualifications, will have the corresponding standard for reference, but this does not mean that guaranteeing full justice, the media quoted the villagers said, had reason to cancel the subsistence allowances, is the villagers after voting, the outcome of the negotiations, because the Yang family honest, do not love to talk, so bad karma, subsistence is given other than Yang better off family. Yang Gailan also mentioned before he was forced to commit suicide, the whole team of people are against her. According to Yang house no transformation of the situation, the official responded that the director of the village committee has six story, Yang Mantang headed for reconstruction grant funds, they can not pay less on the grounds, and his mother has been strongly opposed, reconstruction. While the children did not go to school, no new clothes, the official response is mentioned, Yang change orchid 4 children, is the largest of the Yang Moufan, born in November 3, 2010, September 2015 to July 2016 in a Gu Village Primary School preschool school; 4 children did not reach the school age. Some information has been circulated outside the past falsification, integrated media reports and the official response, the process of guaranteeing qualification cancellation is still under investigation, but the family economy is poor, many children is an important factor leading to the economic pressure, media reports said, the second child of Yang Gailan gave birth to the twins to bounce back, because of poor social do not pay alimony has been dragged. Economic poverty may be an important factor contributing to the tragedy, but not a direct cause for investigation. Due to the lack of basic information, it is difficult to make an in-depth analysis of the tragedy, it is difficult to put forward the corresponding problem-solving strategies. However, this case, the phenomenon of rural suicide again into public opinion.相关的主题文章: