Those who do not use the car to buy the end of the configuration to regret! (video) 步步高i606

Those who do not use the car to buy the end of the configuration to regret! On the vehicle active safety configuration why the car has high and low points, and the difference between them may reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, is because the top with some of the car seems to be very high-end configuration? These can be for ordinary wage earners, really useful? The following look at the end of the purchase will regret what configuration. 1, the cruise for ordinary people, who can run a few hundred kilometers a day, can not just be blocked in the downtown, the cruise and why haven’t you set the pace you have brakes. In fact, 2 leather seats if you want the car to be more high-end, buy a leather seat is not a bad idea, you can also add a coat why in the above; you can not say that with cold winter and hot summer for you, but if the car can not give seat ventilation and heating, it is still not as good as the fabric seat the chair came too. 3, the touch button can obviously blind operation of things you want to bow, this is not to find their own crime, but also to increase the risk of driving. 4, air conditioning on the point of such a large space, you need to partition, if the passenger really cold, directly off the air outlet is good, why buy a flashy without substance. 5, a roof rack is most obvious, and such things you don’t think it’s influence on the roof of the whole car value Yan, who usually nothing will put so much luggage in the car, even if it is a home for the Chinese New Year with not so much luggage; but neither good put and it is not good to take the stuff in it. This is a small series that is not much use configuration, if you still think there are other useless configuration, welcome to add ~相关的主题文章: