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Chengdu to the south, to the popular extreme beauty to! Sohu – tourism small Mid Autumn Festival holiday approaching, many people would love to travel during the holiday car to go to Liangshan, Qionghai Lake, Lugu Lake, Mount Luoji these places are known to all attractions, but Liangshan still has many popular extreme views, see. Xiaoxiangling Xiaoxiangling is located in Xide County, Liangshan Prefecture, is a large mountain branch, also known as xishan. Steep mountains, bare rock, vegetation, glacial lakes. Is a good place for tourism, mountaineering expedition. There are a lot of lakes, pure water, with blue sky, is for the sky. Here is a walkers paradise, a road beautiful scenery. Take advantage of the small holiday go fast! Yanyuan County Dazu bay village around the lake is a long mountain forest. The sides of the mountain formed Valley, valley brook flows into the lake. It’s a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere. The island was floating on the sea like a ship, and everything was quiet. It’s a place to live in! Yanyuan belongs to the boundary territory of Lugu Lake lake, half half of Sichuan Yunnan. Yihai Yihai, charming scenery, cool and quiet, from the top of the hill, from afar, like a mosaic in the mountains sparkling sapphire. Surrounded by lush trees, a wild profusion of vegetation, flowers everywhere can diffuse, Lake Qingbi such as dye, waterside green grass, a landscape of lakes and mountains, intoxicated. Water water Luo Xiang Luo Xiang in Muli West, is the most classic hiking enthusiasts in the eyes of the route. Gulu village houses very collectors characteristics, stone walls, roof and window canopies with white paint. You can also take a sleeping bag to the roof, the sun during the day to keep the smell of corn on the slate, there can be a sweet dream. Muli County of Qinghai Tibet Plateau and Yunnan Guizhou Plateau of the Hengduan Mountains in the middle, there is a blue moon over the mountain of the sea ", she has a beautiful and rustic name" Muli ", meaning the garden of god. Here is also hanging flags, people here are simple and full of faith. With the change of season floating, drifting slowly, meadow pattern is also very beautiful and beautiful, with countless changes. "" recommended "delicacy Tuotuo meat zuixia brazier burning bamboo barbecue net extreme beauty, waiting for you to come! Chengdu travel (WeChat ID:cdzizhu): boutique travel destination recommended. Don’t know where to go, please contact the WeChat black pot: heidou380, with loaded to force you fly with you]相关的主题文章: