Deep and hidden deep Vanke agreement on gambling failure of backdoor listing 海思k3v2

Deep and hidden deep Vanke agreement on gambling: failure is the backdoor listing Vanke equity dispute in Hengda holdings into the bureau is complicated. And in June this year, was disclosed in the Shenzhen subway Vanke shares of the restructuring plan, followed by the opposition of Huarun and treasure and gradually fade out of the market. On speculation that why the Shenzhen subway is willing to intervene Baowan dispute, took the "hot potato", deep head — Shenzhen Metro Group Chairman Lin Maode himself speaks of the mystery. The original Vanke and Shenzhen Metro has an agreement on gambling, Lin Maode said that the Shenzhen subway has become a major shareholder of Vanke have an annual dividend per share of 1 yuan; in addition, ready for deep second-hand shares of China Vanke fails, which will cover on the subway assets mature after the acquisition of state-owned listed company, to achieve backdoor listing. The two sides have bet on the Chinese government network, Lin Maode said this speech, the national development and Reform Commission in September 8th organized the urban rail transit investment and financing mechanism innovation seminar said. When it comes to asset securitization, the MTR property Lin Maode said: "we all know that we are involved in a listed company, but also can not say, many people asked why I participate in: first, I told him to bet, we hold you must keep about 2000000000 shares, each share (each year) a money to me, to give me 2 billion points per year, equivalent to the cash flow is very good. Second, it increased 100 times over the past 20 years, the next ten years to grow 1 times I earn 50 billion, an increase of 2 times I earn 100 billion, I have a loan repayment source." It is worth noting that the Shenzhen subway is involved in the restructuring of vanke. And Lin Maode said, holding about 2000000000 shares, and also not much difference between Shenzhen Metro assets acquired Vanke shares. According to this year’s June Vanke A disclosure of the transaction program, Vanke A intends to issue shares to pay all the transaction price, the purchase of 100% stake held by Shenzhen Metro International Qianhai, the initial transaction price of $45 billion 613 million. At the time of the pricing benchmark for the seventeenth session of the eleventh meeting of the board of directors resolution announcement (June 18th), the preliminary determination on the price of the shares of the issue price of 15.88 yuan shares, for 93.61% days the listing of the company’s stock price 60 days before the pricing benchmark. Based on this calculation, the company will issue 2 billion 872 million shares of A shares to the Metro group. But Vanke Vanke restructuring plan disclosed in July 2nd to disclose, for Lin Maode said the contents of the gambling agreement was not disclosed. Meanwhile, the Shenzhen Metro Vanke shares in the program, the Shenzhen subway has not made a commitment to performance. Not for implementation of performance compensation, Vanke in the restructuring plan, according to the "measures" the reorganization of listed companies, the specific object to the controlling shareholders, actual controllers or the control of the association outside the purchase of assets and did not lead to the change of control, the relevant provisions can not apply performance compensation. After the completion of the transaction, the group will not become the controlling shareholder of the listed company, the actual controller or its control of the associated person, the listed company before and after the transaction did not change the controller. In addition, the underlying assets of the company are two;相关的主题文章: