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2016 of the world’s first giant panda art exhibition · China Chengdu Railway Station Beijing – "the United Nations Development Programme, the world’s first ambassador to the animal" naming ceremony. Anyuan photo Beijing September 18 Chengdu Xinhua (reporter Xu Yang Yi Anyuan) 18, 2016 of the world’s first giant panda art exhibition · Chinese Chengdu Railway Station opened in Chengdu Museum, free and open to the public. There are 36 works of art, such as photography, painting, sculpture, etc., which are from the famous artists from China, France, Germany, Russia, Spain and other 5 countries in the exhibition. The exhibition is composed of 6 famous artists. Including the French contemporary artist Jean · Charles · Bi Ru panda art works "in order to protect the giant panda species", German artist Zhang Qikai panda paintings "too many memorable days", "home" and "overlooking" panda sculptures, artist field paintings "who is," specimens "to borrow five hundred years", Chinese panda photographer Zhang Zhihe photography "seventh days", "Ninth days", the French contemporary artist works of art "behind the Bashan bamboo Panda" series of works, the Russian artists ISAEVAGULNARA (Yisayewa Valley Lina) – Amber works "panda the symbol of peace", "I love children". Many forms of art works in the exhibition hall, let the black and white panda, blending in the rich and colorful art world, showing charmingly naive, adorable cute pandas and stay contented spiritual world. In addition to the art exhibition, cultural and educational areas also exhibited a specimen and Simulation of giant panda fossils, Mao precious; 3D projection area will be based on the giant panda habitat of giant pandas play 3D animation for the scenery, let visitors feel personally on the scene, the giant panda living environment; creative district set up giant painting graffiti wall, inviting visitors described my panda. The same day, the United Nations Development Program in China, assistant director of the office of the national NielsKnudsen announced the "United Nations development program, the world’s first ambassador to animals," the name of Kai Kai (Qiqi), little bit (Diandian). The name implies not only the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals they have the endorsement of the "" (SDG) in the new starting point for the global promotion, also means that the new Chengdu panda base of cooperation between the United Nations Development Programme and the city of Chengdu, the. Kai (Qiqi), little (Diandian) is the giant panda "celebrate" twin cubs. This name, by the global giant panda fans and the public to collect a total of more than 5000 manuscripts stand out. Since the January 17, 2016 campaign, organizers received a total of more than 5000 copies of the draft, sign from around 116 countries and regions, including the territory from the levy release of 3826 copies, 1393 copies of overseas activities, received wide attention. (end)相关的主题文章: