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13 year old Armani juvenile fire, how to play politics in foreign Sao year? Attending the two sessions: aims to encourage young people to pay attention to social issues, 2015, 10 teenagers attended the two sessions of Zhuhai. "News geeks" query found that young delegates sit in the local "two sessions", which is not the first time in the country. Since 2014, there have been 3 young delegates attending the "two sessions" in Zhuhai, including several minor students. In 2014, when the "two sessions" were held in Zhuhai, there were 10 young delegates attending the "two sessions", in addition to two 22 year old college students, there were two 13 year old junior high school students and more than 17 year old middle school students. This year, there are 15 teenagers attending the "two sessions" in Zhuhai, and the youngest one is the second grade students. Youth representatives attend the local "two sessions", which is related to the activities carried out by the Communist Youth League, representatives of the people’s Congress and CPPCC members. Shenzhen municipal Party committee said a staff member, Liu Bo proposed "to increase innovation and off course", "don’t let the paper decide the future" proposal, not in "NPC and CPPCC", but in the "NPC and CPPCC" prior to the convening of the municipal Party committee held a "face to face" activities of the forum and other occasions proposed. "News geek" combed found that the Communist Youth League of many provinces and cities nationwide have carried out related activities. In 2011, the Communist Youth League Network of Zhejiang issued an article on deepening the opinions of the Communist Youth League and deputies to the people’s Congress and CPPCC members to face the face. The article mentioned that this activity is an effective way to guide the orderly political participation of young people. "Youth organizations should be organized to attend the National People’s Congress and the CPPCC conference, and the Youth League should select a certain proportion of youth representatives to attend the relevant meetings of the people’s Congress and the CPPCC, and the proportion of juvenile participation should be increased at the meeting involving youth affairs." The Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China also expressed the hope that this will become a way for young people to participate in political affairs, and guide them to pay attention to social problems. Through this platform, the voice of teenagers can be issued. This kind of activity which encourages young people to participate in politics is more common in foreign countries. For example, since 1994, New Zealand has held a "Youth Congress" every 3 to 4 years in order to cultivate young people’s understanding of politics. The activities for 16-18 year olds, including that they attend the legislative debate in Congress, attended the meeting of the Specialized Committee, put questions to the ministers, in order to understand the decision-making process of the Congress and the administration, on issues of concern to their opinion in congress. On July 19, 2016 and 20, the New Youth Congress of New Zealand will be held in Government Building. Every constituency or ranking member can choose a teenager, and it is expected that 121 young congressmen will appear in congress. According to Chinese Youth Daily report, more than 40 states have let students to simulate the operation of the government’s "youth government" (Youth In Government, referred to as YIG, sponsored by the youth social service organization), the purpose is to learn to exercise their democratic rights, exercise leadership, stimulate their sense of civic responsibility. Youth Congress activities in new zealand.

13岁阿玛尼少年火了,外国骚年如何玩政治? 列席两会:旨在鼓励青少年关注社会问题 2015年10名青少年列席珠海两会。   《新闻极客》查询发现,青少年代表列席地方“两会”,这在全国并不是首次。   珠海从2014年起,连续3年有青少年代表列席“两会”,包括多名未成年学生。   2014年珠海“两会”召开时,共有10名青少年代表列席“两会”,除两名22岁在校大学生外,还有两名13岁初中生和多名17岁中学生。   今年,珠海的“两会”共有15名青少年列席旁听,最小的一位是初二学生。   青少年代表列席地方“两会”,与共青团中央开展的“共青团与人大代表、政协委员面对面”活动有关。   深圳团市委一位工作人员表示,柳博提出了“增加创新创客课程”、“不要让考卷决定未来”的提议,不是在“两会”上,而是在“两会”召开前,团市委举行的“面对面”活动座谈会等场合提出的。   《新闻极客》梳理发现,全国多个省市的共青团均开展了相关活动。   浙江省共青团网2011年发布了一篇《关于深入开展“共青团与人大代表、政协委员面对面”活动的意见》的文章。   文章提到,该活动是引导青少年有序政治参与的有效方式。“要组织青少年旁听人大、政协会议,由共青团遴选一定比例的青少年代表旁听人大、政协相关会议,涉及青少年事务的会议应加大青少年旁听比例。”   深圳团市委也表示,希望这成为青少年参政议政的方式,“引导他们关注社会问题”,通过这个平台,能够发出青少年的声音。   这种鼓励青年人参政的活动,在国外也比较多见。   比如,新西兰自从1994年以来,每隔3至4年举行一次“青年国会”,目的是培养青少年对政治的了解。   该活动主要面向16-18岁的青少年,内容包括让他们旁听国会立法辩论,列席各专业委员会的会议,向部长们提出问题,从而了解国会和政府的决策过程,就他们所关心的问题在国会发表意见。   2016年7月19日、20日,新一届新西兰青年国会将在惠灵顿国会大厦召开。每一位选区议员或排名议员都可选择一名青少年,大家可望看到121名青年国会议员届时将出现在国会。   据中国青年报一篇报道,美国40多个州都有让中学生来模拟政府运作的“青年政府”(Youth In Government,简称YIG,由青年社会服务团体赞助),目的是学习行使民主权利,锻炼领导才干,激发他们的公民责任感。 新西兰青年国会活动。相关的主题文章: